Captains of the Lightbringers

The Chapter’s Captains, though fine tacticians in their own right, are chosen for their ability to inspire a Company to ever greater feats of heroism. They are charismatic individuals, who lead from the front so that the Chapter Master can focus his attention on the overall battle plan.

ΑVeteran CompanyArth Sinclair Lord Palatine of Vesynia
ΒBattle CompanyConall DrakeCastellan of the Spire
ΓBattle CompanyAndras KonstantinFirst Sword
ΔBattle CompanyBaldwin TraherneMarshal of the Arsenal
ΕBattle CompanySteinar FreitmantelWarden of the Marches
ΖBattle CompanyKurt HawthorneChief Logistician
ΗBattle CompanyEban SullivanKeeper of Lore and Ritual
ΘBattle CompanyCayo GrenvilleHellequin
ΙBattle CompanyWilhelm RousMaster of the Fleet
ΩScout CompanyCáel SchylarKindler of the Flame