Fleet Disposition

Battle Barges1(?)

The Illuminating Sword

Records from the 36th millennium make mention of two more Battle Barges: the Shadow of Vengeance and the Incandescent Fury. Their fate is unknown.

Strike Cruisers9

The Glorious Dawn, the Blaze of Glory, the First Light, the Last Gleaming, the Morning Star, the Victory at Tyberon, the Refuge in Audacity, His Radiance Unveiled, and the Captain Vikare.

With only a single Battle Barge at their disposal, the Chapter is assumed to rely heavily on its Strike Cruisers.

Other Capital Ships3(?)

Sporadic reports and scattered records from across the Gothic Sector hint at the existence of three other large ships in the Lightbringers’ fleet: the Solis Ortus, Exoculo and Subluceo Spei.

None of the descriptions were provided by trained Imperial Navy observers, the details they suggest do not fit typical Space Marine ship patterns, and their High Gothic names would be out of character for the Lightbringers. They may be a case of mistaken identity or artistic licence, but are included here for completeness’ sake.

Rapid Strike Vessels20